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Companies like the City of Berkeley, CA, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the University of San Diego, and the Ken Blanchard Companies hire Chris to help boost performance and increase values-alignment in their work places.

Booking: Contact Chris to arrange a phone call to discuss your organization’s needs.

Chris works with organizations in four ways:

1. Keynotes

Chris’ interactive, engaging in-person keynotes help large audiences to quickly learn the importance of aligning to an organizational constitution.


Chris outlines the best practices of high performing, values-aligned companies and describes common issues companies experience if they ignore the power of organizational culture.

Chris is available for virtual keynotes if your event is of the online variety or if it will accommodate a “live from another city” broadcast.

2. Executive Briefings

Chris is available for executive briefings to present his proven culture change process to senior leaders in a setting more conducive to dialog.

Clients looking for more personalized, in depth information invite Chris in to do senior leader interviews and conduct his Performance-Values Assessment in advance of the briefing.

That prework enables Chris to present company-specific insights on culture gaps and suggest approaches to close those gaps.

3. Consulting & Executive Coaching

Chris’ consulting work has consistently generated greater employee engagement, WOW’ed customers, and increased profits. Chris’ culture consulting focuses on building demonstrated skills in senior leaders to proactively manage their corporate culture.

His phased approach helps embed foundational elements of an effective corporate culture. His executive coaching, done primarily with the company president, helps ensure those elements are put into place, then are demonstrated daily by leaders. Only if leaders live espoused values will employees embrace those values.

The duration of consulting and executive coaching services typically last from 18-24 months.

4. Retainer

Some clients find the need for ongoing consulting and executive coaching by Chris, and place him on retainer. The duration of retainer contracts are usually 12 months, renewable annually.

Contact Chris for more information and to arrange a phone call to discuss your organization’s needs.

Thanks to Heidi Cullen of Flashback Productions for the videography of Chris’ keynotes featured above.

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